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L.C.F Asset, an asset management company of L.C.F International Group. As an international group, each digital currency of the L.C.F international group carries a value physical support. L.C.F International Group also invests heavily in the real estate and education sectors to provide a platform for the group's digital currency providing the most powerful trade protection. L.C.F International Group is a global digital currency innovator providing digital lovers in the world with the safest yet most reliable digital currency trading plethora of platform with the best VIP service experience.

We have also been investing and riding on the global wave and interest in Clean Energy sources and the need for more energy generated via responsible means by participating in the Clean Coal energy sector. Our leaders have visited a Clean Coal factory in Mongolia this year to have the first hand experience at this upcoming trend in the energy stream.

(IMFCE) The Clean Coal project is part of XTechs project for the future. "Heart for the environment, love for the humanity".Main choice and factor for the Clean Coal in coming projects, one of the world's top coal processing technology will be use making the coal safe for the environment (greens) “effective in reducing the combustion of coal (effectively reducing the release of harmful substances), thus air pollution. The processed coal will the n be burn at a higher temperature in the combustion generating more heat, thereby reducing the cost of energy production.

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