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About LCF

L.C.F. is a well-diversify global group of companies. The Group covers a wide-array of areas including the E-mall and also physical retail shops, education, logistics and transportation, charity and not forgetting high-tech R & D products.

L.C.F Mall is L.C.F International Group's O2O shopping mall. The L.C.F online store serves L.C.F members, bringing together high-quality goods sourced globally, as well as in house products. Love Clicks Future (LCF) has recently launch its online mall aiming to fill the void for top quality produces, mainly China, from reliable sources oveseas at a reasonble price providing consumer the confidence in the products that can be found on your everyday supermarket shelfs. Our Online Store also supports LCF's digital currency settlement. The company also has hopes to partake in the country’s drive towards a robust consumer-oriented economy that is able to sustain on a realistic level of growth.

Over the frequent years it has become a well established one that the Blockchain has a wide range of functionality outside of its pure financial transactions. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) where technology is being used to disrupt a range of traditional industries. One example is cargo freight, an industry traditionally reliant on paperwork. Love Clicks Future (Worldwide) Holding Limited is one company to be in such an enviable position with its involvement in the Freight and Logistics business (containers) as well as expertise in the Internet of Things (IOT), riding on the Oone belt One Road (OBOR) wave that is currently sweeping through Asia and beyond.

Our vision: LCF is set up by family for families. Our vision is to help you get the best in life, one click at a time.

Our aim: From catering to you waking up fresh in the morning; to you snugly tucked in bed.

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